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Jerzy Stanik

Wieloaspektowy model oceny ryzyka zasobu informacyjnego


Multifaceted Risk Model of Information Resource Assessment

The subject of the article is the concept of a five-dimensional risk model (BCTSJ) of an information resource system. This model, using the dimensions of Safety (B), Continuity (C), Technology (T), Complexity (S) and Quality (J), takes into account the different categories and types of risk factors that result from the complexity or structure of the information resource itself. It also includes elements of the attractiveness and environment of the processing of information resources in the process of reviewing or measuring the amount of information resource risk. The model presented in this article may be the starting point for developing a risk assessment method for information resources, appropriate policies, such as concerning information security organization or quality, which in turn can be inputs to developing information management, risk management methods or IT systems to support the processing of these information resources.

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