Zeszyt 36/2015

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Wacław Szymanowski

Przezroczystość i bezpieczeństwo informacyjne w układzie sektorowym


Transparency and information security in sectors

The model of dispersed information security – composed of autonomous and specialised state entities – operates in all areas of life, which results in institutional interventionism. As a consequence, a constant state control becomes necessary, and controlling legislation and public spending – for the benefit of the society and the economy – grows increasingly costly. An example of a sector security system that operates in the best interest of the entire society is the food safety system in Poland, which is inscribed in the EU system. The article also discusses the efficiency of the system’s information structures which inform relevant EU authorities and are decisive for information structure in the society and the efficient application of modern information technologies. An example of such an institution is the Crisis Management Centre (PL: Centrum Zarządzania Kryzysowego) and the alarm procedure in case of threats related to food manufacturing and consumption.

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