Zeszyt 43/2017

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Christophe Ponsard, Raphael Michel, Jean-Christophe Deprez, Sanae Saadaoui


Guiding Cloud Application Developers towards a Balanced Design Trade-off among Energy Impacting Requirements

ICT energy efficiency is a growing concern. A great effort has already been put making hardware more energy efficient and aware. Although a part of that effort is devoted to specific software areas like embedded/mobile systems, much remains to be done at the software level, especially for applications deployed in the Cloud. There is an increasing need to help Cloud application developers to learn to reason about how much energy is consumed by their applications on the server side. This paper presents how to help developers to capture and deal with the interrelation between energy goals and other possibly conflicting non-functional requirements (NFRs) with the aim to guide them in the selection of a balanced compromise. We here extend our toolset, which already supports enabling energy awareness at requirements and design stages, with the ability to relate energy NFR with other kinds of NFRs. We also explore different design options based on collected measurements relating to those NFRs.

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