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Sanae Saadaoui, Annick Majchrowski, Christophe Ponsard


Tips and Hints for an Effective COSMIC Learning Process Derived from Industrial Training

As a technology transfer centre specialising in IT, we have been training companies to use the COSMIC estimation methodology for several years. This paper reports a retrospective look at a number of recurrent issues that occurred during those training sessions across a large variety of business domains, company sizes and maturity levels. Some of these issues are related to the COSMIC method itself or to the functional size measurement in general, while others have their roots in other fields like project management or requirements engineering. Failing to address these issues in an adequate way may prevent from meeting the training goals and the successful adoption of the COSMIC method. We also report how we have designed our training to handle most of these issues and to capitalize on returns from trainees. We will explain the most recurrent issues and give some hints and tips to design and conduct training.

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