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Dorota Oleszczuk, Piotr Filipkowski, Michał Horodelski

Symulacje algorytmu ratowania życia z wykorzystaniem synchronizacji danych


The simulation of a life rescue event using data synchronization

In this article, the authors present the simulation of a life rescue event using data synchronization. The aim of the paper is to develop algorithms for the simulation of life rescue events using data synchronization. The aspect of time management in procedures of life rescue has been thoroughly discussed in the article. This paper attempts to transfer the well-known concept of “Life Box” to mobile devices for daily use. The study was carried out in compliance with the agent based model. It presents the following aspects: training, social and utility. The research application that was developed is good training material for doctors and paramedics. With the agent based approach, it is possible to integrate other parts of the Emergency Medical Service model. The authors present methods for the encoding of the database, how to synchronize data, and the process of simulating a life rescue event.

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