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Cezary Stępniak

Zastosowanie oprogramowania GIS do wspierania zarządzania procesowego w urzędach miasta


The use of GIS software to support process management in city councils

This article relates to the issue of supporting the use of process management in public administration offices, namely municipal councils. The article presents a model that uses spatial technology (based on GIS technology) for the modelling, implementation and enforcement of administrative decision-making processes. The idea for the model is based on the assumption that the management process should be assessed according to criteria other than functional management. This is possible as a result of the broadly understood concept of space. The article makes reference to different types of space: geographical, heuristical and mathematical. These spaces can be defined and visualized with the use of the GIS tools used by the council, which should be integrated with the tools for modelling processes and IT systems.

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