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Marcin Ludzia

Wybrane aspekty związane z realizacją strategii informatyzacji w urzędach miejskich w Polsce w kontekście koncepcji inteligentnych miast


Selected aspects of the implementation of IT strategy in city governments in Poland, and the concept of smart cities

The concept of smart cities has gained popularity in recent years. This concept is aimed at building a completely new ecosystem for the city. Building a smart city is based on the innovative use of information technology in order to offer new public services, or to build relationships between its inhabitants. Such social demands, which are related to the services offered to citizens and businesses by the city’s administration, were the impetus for starting the process of implementing e-government. A survey conducted by the Ministry of Administration and Digitalization in 2014 showed that on average, 38% of respondents pointed to a web-based form as the preferred method for carrying out administrative formalities. At the same time a report by NIK, published in February 2015, showed that the availability of e?services still did not meet the expectations of modern society. This article presents the results of research conducted in May and June of 2015 concerning problems with the implementation of IT strategy in cities. The most important problems pointed out by respondents were the lack of sufficient financial resources needed to implement planned projects, and problems with maintaining consistency in the implemented solutions within the context of legal restrictions, the Polish Public Procurement Office, etc.

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