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Tomasz Sitek, Artur Ziółkowski

Procesy wzmocnienia inteligencji organizacji uczących się przy wykorzystaniu formy centrów kompetencyjnych


Processes of improving intelligence of learning organisations – the example of centres of competence

The process of organisational learning and proper knowledge management have become one of the major challenges for an organisation operating in the knowledge-based economy. As observed in this paper, the demand for formalisation of knowledge management processes and organisational learning is particularly conspicuous in research institutions, established either by universities or companies. The goal of this article is to present the best practices related to the management of an exemplary learning organisation. The authors describe the research and development centre of competence established by the Gdańsk University of Technology and IBM (called CAS, Centre of Advanced Studies). Such a unit is supposed to improve the knowledge of all cooperating entities and improve the quality and efficiency of the existing processes (projects). This leads to an overall enhancement of intelligence throughout the organisation – for both CAS and cooperating entities as well.

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