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Karolina Stasiak, Andrzej Martyna

Uporządkować chaos informacyjny. Wpływ semantycznych technologii na wyszukiwanie informacji


To capture the information chaos. Impact of the semantic technologies on the information retrieval

The amount of information grows exponentially every year. Storing, accessing and retrieving the information becomes a real challenge in enterprises as well as in the World Wide Web. Enterprises bear the huge costs when they fail to find information. The increasing number of web datasets results in difficult retrieval of information from the Internet. Some queries, such as “German movies which are based on a French novel”, are unable to be performed by a human in real time. That inconvenience originates from the Web 2.0 structure, the content of which is hard to process for machines. The response to that problem are semantic technologies, and their implementation is beneficial for databases and web users. The paper describes information retrieval difficulties, semantic technologies and the development trends of the Semantic Web. The Vincit system is presented, a flexible solution that allows for complex queries creation for any ontological base of knowledge. It works both in enterprise environment and in web resources as well.

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