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Rafał Zbyrowski

Szacowanie wartości nieruchomości mieszkaniowych na podstawie modeli czasowo-przestrzennych


Valuation of dwellings with the use of cross-sectional datasets

During the time of financial crisis econometric models appear to have significant potential on the basis of the estimated valuation of dwellings. Especially cross-section econometric models seem to be very helpful in valuating.
The more standard measured object is, the most narrowly this type of estimation is. In some unusual reasons the value of housing is difficult to recognize in a formalized model schema. On the other hand it should be noted that even licensed and experienced expert will be more careful and take a margin of error in estimating the non-standard properties. In practice it can appear that experts from the valuation can provide slightly different opinions. Therefore, it is important to remember that really value of the property determines the market and man can only estimated it more or less accurately. Of course, building a model requires access to relevant databases, which are not generally publicly available. The presented models show considerable potential for using models in this field. It is important to be aware that the precision of modeling decreased because of the recession in real estate market. Whan it comes to the question of application, it is true that econometric models would increase everyday effectiveness of many experts ecnnected with real estate market.

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