Issue 48/2018

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Irena Hejduk

Transformacja cyfrowa gospodarki wyzwaniem dla systemów edukacyjnych


Digital Transformation of the Economy: A Challenge for Education Systems

The aim of the chapter is to define perspectives of business changes in the range of new technologies which are going to change totally our milieu in the nearest 10 years. They are also a challenge for educational systems. On the basis of the conducted analysis, it has been stated that key trends of changes are: decentralization, networking, new technologies, the information society. Key effects of the anticipated changes can be: lowering the age of effective activity of managers at an operational level and deepening the exclusiveness of managerial positions at the strategic level; deepening of the proved knowledge of a wide range of social and economic phenomena, which is crucial for taking decisions; evolution of the costly business functioning model from fixed costs towards variable costs.

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