Issue 29/2013

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Zenon Biniek

Wybrane problemy logistyczno-informatyczne systemu gospodarowania odpadami komunalnymi


Some kinds of problems with waste management system

The main issue taken by the author of the lecture is to provide an answer to the question about what kind of organizational, logistic and IT activities must be taken to integrate a waste management system with national ecological system. To improve a waste management system, the author postulates a system approach. Waste management works within the distributed management system in the cooperation with many organizationally independent entities. Every modern management system is dependent of efficient communication network. Only introducing modern information technology will ensure the synergy effect that comes from cooperation (interoperability and integration) between individual elements of waste management system. The Center must be equipped with proper IT instruments (portal) that will ensure effective performance of control and coordination functions, particularly useful in case of dangerous waste management.

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