Zeszyt 44/2017

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Stanisław Ejdys

Informacja we współczesnym świecie – próba systematyzacji wiedzy


Information in the Contemporary World: An Attempt of the Knowledge Systematization

The meaning of information does not need to be proved. Confirming this fact, there is a quick growth of information and communications technologies in the globalized economy. Nowadays, there is no escape from high technologies and innovative solutions. Intelligent information systems have stopped being futurological ideas. From year to year, more and more of them find their practical application and are bringing expected effects. What is more, intelligent information systems play an important role in processes of making optimum decisions. In the framework of theoretical considerations, the author makes an attempt to show the potential of intelligent information systems, as well as to perceive information as a special object of cognition. He presents interpretations of this notion and shows its properties.

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