Zeszyt 40/2016

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Małgorzata Grzywińska-Rąpca

Analiza wydatków polskich gospodarstw domowych na łączność


Analysis of spending on communications in Polish households

Households are economic entities of a special nature. They differ from other business entities in the objectives they pursue. The main goal is to meet the needs of a household’s members. It is achieved by means of income and cash management (meeting the needs of household members, investments, savings). When analysing the structure of income and expenditure of all types of households, you can see that with the increase in disposable income the share of expenditure on communications in the total expenditure decreases. It accounts for 4.5–5% of total expenditure. The highest average change in income in the settlement period was recorded in the central region, the lowest increase in the value of income occurred in the households in the eastern region.

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