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Jerzy Leyk

Role analityka biznesowego – standard ITIL versus BABOK


Business analyst’s roles – ITIL versus BABOK

The paper presents different scopes and definitions of business analysis and business analysts, that is actions and people situated between the business requiring new solutions and the IT delivering them. As a set of best practices, BABOK® is a de facto standard in this area. Similarly, ITIL® has a role as a standard from IT services delivery and IT management perspectives. Business analysis is a subject that falls under the scope of services design, implementation and delivery, therefore both standards may be analysed and compared in this area. It turns out that different perspectives underlying both standards are relevant not only for the language of presentation of business analysis issues but, first of all, for the contents. The roles of a business analyst, both in the narrow and broad sense, is the key to identifying and understanding the differences. A part of the conclusions focuses on the identification of ITIL® weaknesses and the possibility of adapting BABOK® achievements. Another conclusion indicates the underestimated role of soft skills of business analysts in both standards, especially in the case of the dehumanised, technology-oriented ITIL®.

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