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Tomasz Galewski

Gospodarczy ład informacyjny w Polsce


The economic information governance in Poland

The major objective of this research is to determine the economic information governance (EIG) in Poland – a set of economic standards, processes, systems and information resources that are the foundations of the contemporary Polish economy. The project is driven by a new phase of socioeconomic development commonly referred to as information society. As the name suggests the functioning and development of information society is based on information, therefore it becomes necessary to study and understand the essence of information and the way it influences particular economic and social phenomena. J. Oleński assumes that information governance is formed together with civilisation development. Following this assumption, information society can be perceived as one that needs other standards, processes and information systems than the industrial society does. This conclusion is reflected in the main hypothesis of the research, namely that the current economic information order in Poland is not optimal for the functioning of the economy.

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