Zeszyt 38/2015

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Janusz Dygaszewicz

Zasady budowy ram architektonicznych statystyki publicznej


The principles of the construction of architecture framework for public statistics

The conducted research concerned all the surveys carried out annually by the Polish public statistics. Therefore, a description of the characteristics of the current organizational model of statistical surveys was possible. Moreover, it indicates its limitations and makes it possible to make recommendations with respect to reorganization. The paper attempts to specify the building principles for a new model of statistical production together with functional specification of IT tools supporting the improved model of public statistical surveys. A precise designation and description of the current model of survey implementation leads to a relevant diagnosis of present limitations, fears or problems.
Thanks to the description of the negative phenomena the latter can be changed into positive goals that we want to achieve through a transformation implemented within the organization according to the framework of ongoing remedial action or retrofit. This allows to define the principles of building models, standards and methodologies needed to achieve the expected objectives. It also helps to establish the principles of constructing IT tools according to the new model of the organization of statistical surveys. This approach offers a solid foundation for the framework of enterprise architecture in terms of the TOGAF methodology.

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