Zeszyt 35/2014

Kolegium Analiz Ekonomicznych oświadcza, że wersją pierwotną czasopisma jest wersja papierowa.

Adrian Niedźwiadek, Piotr Kopniak

Oprogramowanie wspierające proces podania leku w szpitalu wykorzystujące urządzenia mobilne i kody kreskowe


Software supporting the process of administering medications in hospital using mobile devices and barcodes

This paper describes the requirements, design and operation of a prototype system supporting the process of administration of drugs in hospital. The system supports the work of nurses and prevents an erroneous administration of drugs. The application uses an EDA mobile device with in‐built barcode scanners and it runs on Windows. The verification of proper drug administration is based on checking the compatibility of drugs in a medication cup with the drugs recorded for the patient in the database. It consists in barcode label scanning. The system also includes a desktop application to print bar codes to label the patient and their medication cups. The central part of the system connects the mobile application to the printing application by means of Web Services. This part of the solution can be integrated with the hospital information system, too.

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