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Kamila Sławińska, Bartosz Witkowski

Wykorzystanie uśrednionych modeli bayesowskich do badania czynników wpływających na poziom nierówności dochodowych w wybranej grupie krajów


Determinants of Income Inequalities: A Bayesian Panel Data Approach

The aim of this paper is to investigate the main determinants of income inequalities in a group of European countries. For this purpose, Bayesian averaging of classical estimates (BACE) approach is used as it enables to estimate a model without prior assumption concerning the exact set of explanatory variables. Technological development and level of corruption are indicated as the main factors influencing income inequalities in the analyzed group of countries and their impact on the dependent variable corresponds to common findings in literature. However, the results point out that level of economic development and both macroeconomic and demographic factors, highly discussed in the literature, do not differentiate income significantly.

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