Zeszyt 44/2017

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Jacek Wójcik

Konsekwencje poznawczej luki cyfrowej na rynku konsumenckim


Consequences of the Cognitive Digital Divide on the Consumer Market

The technical and economic barriers in the use of ICT are disappearing. Cognitive skills of consumers are the primary factor in the use of ICT. For many years, this barrier has been underestimated in the analysis of the Internet market. Many business strategies were based on the assumption that a consumer wants and is able to find a better deal. These assumptions are derived from traditional economics and from the perception of a consumer as a rational being that optimizes purchases. Hence, the development of certain business models took place which did not prove effective on the market. Companies, however, quickly adapted to the cognitive digital divide. They developed new models and strategies taking advantage of this gap. As a result, businesses seem to have gained a permanent advantage over consumers.

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