Zeszyt 40/2016

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Renata Gabryelczyk, Arkadiusz Jurczuk, Marek Pęczkowski

Determinanty wyboru notacji modelowania procesów biznesowych


Choosing the notation for business process modelling. Determinants of the choice

The article explores the problem of assessing a model’s quality as an important element of Business Process Modelling projects. The purpose of this paper is to present the concept of assessment of attributes of selected Business Process Modelling Notations determining the choice of the notation technique that is the easiest to understand. The concept of attribute assessment and measuring understandability is based on desk research and tests performed on a sample of 266 respondents without experience in business process modelling. The analysis of understandability of business processes notation (EPC, BPMS, BPMN) has been carried out using comprehension tests. The analysis of attributes determining the choice of the most easily understandable notation has been carried out using a statistical test. These studies led to recommendations for process-oriented projects where the primary goal is to describe the process in the most suitable notation in order to meet the needs of key project stakeholders.

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