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Tomasz Gzik

Dynamiczne aspekty ścieżek klinicznych


Dynamic aspects of clinical pathways

In recent years, the issue referred to as dynamic clinical pathways has been widely discussed. It consists in extending the process approach to clinical pathways by the so-called dynamic aspect, which primarily is associated with the ability to change the course of the clinical path in the course of its implementation. If one views the issue of clinical pathways and their functioning in medical organizations of various levels (national, local, particular entities) in a broader perspective, the above is an oversimplification. Not only the course of clinical pathways can take a dynamic character, but so does the environment in which the pathways are implemented and, logically, the elements of this environment, in particular solutions supporting the implementation of the pathways. In order to be able to discuss and analyse clinical pathways in the broadest possible context, all aspects of their dynamics should be summarized. This article in an orderly manner deals with the problems of dynamic clinical pathways, introduces their definition, identifies and characterizes their various aspects (including IT and management context) and presents key research directions.

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