Zeszyt 38/2015

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Tomasz Górski, Wojciech Kuchta

Zastosowanie magistrali usług ESB do przesyłania dużych wolumenów danych


Using Enterprise Service Bus to transfer large volumes of data

In this article, referring to the example of Agricultural and Food Quality Inspection (www.ijhars.gov.pl), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) was used to handle transfer of large volumes of data. Due to the high integration capabilities, ESB can greatly assist government agencies in building solutions in the field of Big Data. The use of EBS may lead to the reduction of operating costs of the public entity minimizing the number of connections between systems, shortening the time of integration with external systems, and increasing the reusability of the written software. The design of integration was done according to the ‘1+5’ architectural views model adjusted to the description of integration solutions. Authorial UML profiles – UML Profile for Integration Platform and UML Profile for Integration Flows – have been used. The paper presents a solution showing how fast data can be transferred electronically using the ESB.

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