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Beata Hysa, Dariusz Zdonek

Kryteria oceny jakości stron internetowych szpitali publicznych


The criteria for the quality assessment of public hospitals’ websites

Nowadays many people turn to the Internet to search for information about health and health care. The number will grow, as more people rely on the World Wide Web in their decisions concerning their health, wellness and medical care. Hospital websites need to operate as effective web resources of information and interactive communication mediums to address the multifaceted requirements of their main stakeholders (i.e. patients, healthy citizens, healthcare professionals and local communities). In the case of public hospitals, websites should also be considered a mean to provide governmental electronic services. The main objective of this article is to provide the criteria of assessment of the quality of public hospitals’ websites. This article proposes three main areas which contain criteria of the quality of web sites: usability, accessibility, functionality.

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