Zeszyt 35/2014

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Tomasz Gzik

Platforma organizacyjna i informatyczna przeznaczona do wdrożenia dynamicznych ścieżek klinicznych


Organisational platform and IT platform dedicated to dynamic clinical pathways

The problem of modeling, implementation and management of clinical pathways is complex, time consuming and it constitutes a challenge to medical organisations. The challenge is to adjust the structure, processes and culture of the organisation of a medical facility for the operation using clinical pathways. All roles involved in the implementation of clinical pathways should be convinced to the work model, in which all the activities are carried out in an orderly, pre‐defined and additionally monitored at every stage. In addition to the challenges associated with the organisational and managerial aspects, a medical organisation faces technical challenges. It is necessary to ensure an adequate IT infrastructure which will not only make the management of clinical pathways in the organisation possible, but it will also bring about certain effects and ensure the achievement of its objectives - one of the key elements of such IT infrastructure systems are Business Process Manamegemt Systems.

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