Zeszyt 33/2014

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Monika Szałkowska‐Strzelecka

Analiza porównawcza metod ewaluacji wartości publicznej w IT


Comparative analysis of methods of evaluating public value in IT

The article is devoted to methods of evaluating IT projects in the public sector. At the beginning, the paper outlines the issues of the public value and influence of the technological development on the way of delivering services. The causes for the need to carry out evaluations of IT public investments are shown. Next, the criteria for selecting evaluation methods to be reviewed in detail are presented. Chosen methods are briefly characterised. The descriptions contain the assumptions of particular methods, their objective, conditions of application and the way of formulating them. For every method, SWOT analyses are done. The descriptions are closed with a summary. Finally, conclusions concerning the possibility of applying chosen methods for public organisations in Poland are presented alongside with their usefulness in the evaluation of issues connected with the development of the technology in the context of the emergence of public service using clouds computing.

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