Zeszyt 33/2014

Kolegium Analiz Ekonomicznych oświadcza, że wersją pierwotną czasopisma jest wersja papierowa.

Marian Niedźwiedziński, Halina Klepacz, Edyta Nowak‐Jamróz

Projekt PICTURE jako sposób walki z korupcją w obszarze inwestycji ICT


Corruption affairs in the process of digitalisation within public administration inspire a discussion about systemic reasons of those occurrences and possible ways to eliminate them. In the paper, we give particular attention to modelling of administrative processes made by clerks using the PICTURE tool, which was created under the European project of the same name. The tool can indirectly limit the corruption by giving clerks themselves a chance to model administrative processes and in that way it can abate the potentially dangerous interference of ICT suppliers and external consultants.

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