Zeszyt 30/2013

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Kamila Sławińska, Andrzej Torój


Take (health) care of yourself: what international experience predicts about drivers and structure of Polish health expenditure

The fulfillment of the society’s needs for health care is a crucial issue - both at present and in the future. This paper aims to forecast the future development of healthcare expenditure (HCE) in Poland on the basis of international experience and taking into account the private - public composition. For this purpose, we apply econometric panel modelling methods. The unfavourable demographic changes occurring in the majority of highly developed countries, which are a consequence of a growing number of elderly people and an increasing life expectancy, are indicated as one of the main drivers affecting HCE. Hence, an increase in the percentage of pensioners should result in an over-proportional rise in HCE. In this context, the key problem is defining the source of funding. On the one hand, it is obvious that health care provision is one of the primary functions of a state but on the other hand, considering unlimited health care needs of a society and limited resources for meeting its needs, the additional sources of funding - including private - are required.

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