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Maria Karlińska

Skala projektów w zakresie e-Zdrowia i telemedycyny realizowanych lokalnie z wykorzystaniem funduszy unijnych


Polish projects in the field of telemedicine and Health co-financed by the European Union

The level of implementation of information technologies (IT) in the Polish health care system is low compared to the Western countries. According to the framework 2009–2015, the key goals of the national strategy are: 1) facilitation of access to the health care related information for the citizens, 2) implementation of the electronic document flow, 3) implementation of a medical information system, 4) implementation of an electronic health record. The major barriers for the development in this filed are considered to be economical and infrastructural. Therefore, the benefits from the financial support from the European Union (EU) should be significant. The paper provides an overview of projects in telemedicine and eHealth that are co-financed by the EU in Poland. Special emphasis was put on regional differences and the projects carried out on a local level. Data were extracted from the official list of beneficiaries of the EU funds (National Information System SIMIK 2).

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