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Michał Bernardelli

Implementacja metody badania własności reguł przejścia systemów bonus-malus w Apache Spark


The method of examining the properties of transition rules for bonus-malus systems using Apache Spark

The aim of this article is to present the possibilities of using Apache Spark and the MapReduce paradigm to study the properties of transition rules between classes of the fair bonus-malus system. Such a study is a task of high computational complexity and therefore, for a large number of classes and the number of claims, requires a sophisticated approach that goes beyond the classic sequential or recursive algorithms. The use of Apache Spark, due to the possibility of distributed calculations, full scalability, as well as the susceptibility of the studied issue to parallelization, proved to be an effective and universal – due to the optimization criteria – approach of finding the optimal solution. Due to the verification of all fair bonus-malus systems, the reliability of the results obtained with this method is beyond dispute.

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