Zeszyt 49/2018

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Zbigniew Gontar

W poszukiwaniu archetypów innowacji w inteligentnym, zrównoważonym i przyjaznym mieście


In Search for Archetypes of the Smart City

The aim of the article is to introduce the semantic analysis of innovative ICT projects implemented in the smart city from the point of view of the sustainable development strategy of a city. Theoretical reflections on this issue have been supported by the analysis of successful projects in individual cities. The semantic process mining has been proposed as the method of analysis of these projects. The article proposes solutions for cities that challenge sustainable development. The archetypes described in this article propose reconstructing concepts related to business goals and the value- creation logic of the city as well as a change in the perception of value itself and can be used to integrate the value of sustainable development into the city’s activities.

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