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Zenon Biniek, Marlena Grelewska

Korzystanie z e-usług w urzędach administracji publicznej


The use of e-services in government administration

The main goal for the authors of this paper was to find an answer to a question why to this day customers has used the e-administration services in such a small scope. Despite great funding put to the expansion of e-administration and a wide-spread awareness program, the percent of the people using e-services is still very little. The authors of this paper analyzed the reasons for little interest to use e-services on different levels of customer management. The analysis includes different levels of advancement for e-services: information, communication, interaction and transaction. Furthermore the analysis of the external effects that take place in e-administration had been conducted that resulted in a description of potential customer behavior. The paper covers technical, economical and psychological conditions that influence the e-administration customers’ behavior. It provides the result of the surveys that presents the factors of e-services use limitations.

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