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Adam Pelikant

Zastosowanie typów obiektowych w przetwarzaniu analitycznym


Application of object types in analytical processing

The paper is dedicated to the issues of the analytical processing executes both a transactional database (OLTP), as well as on the part of the multidimensional structures of the data warehouse (OLAP). It shows you how to create the object-oriented types on the server-side, their encapsulation to elements of procedure and use of complex processing algorithms. Against this background explains the application of built-in object types describing vector graphics (spatial – geometry, geography). In paper present their application in systems that report using the analysis of systems with transactional and data warehouse on the background of possible deployment in government and healthcare. Discusses use to data mining tasks, together with the propagation results to reporting systems. It provides directions of using object types to describe networks analysis tasks, including social networks. Beyond the conclusions arising from the experience of using complex types, including types of object, underlined small use them in commercial solutions.

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