Zeszyt 38/2015

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Tomasz Kulisiewicz

Systemy e-zdrowia – architektury informacyjne a oczekiwania społeczne


E-health systems – information architectures vs. social expectations

One of the effects of the massive use of PCs, means of electronic communications and the Internet is the sense of discrepancy between the information model of the public healthcare system and e-Health systems and the widespread need to use the ICT in the two-way communication between healthcare units and the public. This feeling is deepened by the visible – even for laymen – presence of advanced technologies in every field of medicine. In the author’s opinion the source of this contradiction is the use of ICT only in the back-office areas of the public healthcare system instead of using it in the communications with all stakeholders, especially with citizens acting in the system as payers and beneficiaries.

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