Zeszyt 33/2014

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Teresa Mendyk­-Krajewska, Zygmunt Mazur, Hanna Mazur

Świadczenie usług drogą elektroniczną w aspekcie zagrożeń


Electronic services in the context of threats

In the era of rapid development of electronic commerce, almost every organisation (an institution, company, or firm) uses in its work an IT system, collecting and processing data which can also be transferred at a distance as part of the services the organisation provides. The clients (petitioners) are increasingly often able to do many things remotely using the constantly expanding Internet. Unfortunately, running services over the network is exposed to various risks. IT systems can in fact be successfully attacked, which may have consequences such as unauthorised access to data or taking control over the system. The reasons of such adverse events are primarily defects and improper configuration of the software in use. This article presents the dynamics of development of electronic services primarily in the public administration and health care, it raises a number of issues related to their implementation and discusses some legal aspects thereof. Due to the gravity and extent of the phenomenon, particular attention has been given to network related threats.

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