Zeszyt 29/2013

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Małgorzata Łatuszyńska

Symulacja komputerowa we wspomaganiu zarządzania jednostką samorządu terytorialnego


Computer simulation in supporting the management of local government

In the process of local government strategic management such resources are used as people, money, goods and information. In the era of globalization and rapidly changing environment, information resources are often more important than others. Management process results depend on their quality. In the management process is used not only information on the present or past events, but also prognostic information relating to the effects of the planned activities and future environmental conditions, which influence realization of these activities. The article discussed the possibility of using computer simulation models to generate prognostic information as an alternative to traditionally used statistical and financial calculations made by the means of spreadsheets, on the example of a municipal solid waste recycling simulation model.

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