Issue 29/2013

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Kesra Nermend, Jarosław Jankowski, Ammar Shihab

Analiza porównawcza użyteczności wersji obcojęzycznych serwisów internetowych samorządów lokalnych w Polsce


Comparative analysis of version foreign websites local governments in Poland

The aim of the study was to evaluate the level of e-services within the Polish local foreign websites dedicated to foreign investors. The analysis is based on a review of international experience in this field and the selection criteria used in the evaluation of electronic services on the Polish city’s website. This paper proposes a methodology for evaluating government websites in terms of services provided and listings for foreigners including distance to services that have received the highest rating. The proposed method allows the selection of the optimization procedure interface within the local government in order to achieve an adequate range of information and content provided adequate to your needs.

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